Ice blue contacts change your eyes to one of the shades of blue eyes. Blue eyes are generally said to be very beautiful. In this article, find ice blue contact lenses for dark eyes, brown eyes, Halloween and hazel eyes. You will also learn where to buy cheap nonprescription icy blue contact lenses online.

What are Ice Blue Contacts?

Ice blue colored contact lenses are fashion lenses with an icy blue shade. Looking at them up close, you will see the wearer having blue eyes but with flecks of ice in them, or sometimes a thin coating of ice on lenses. If you are looking for a solid color that is more vibrant, these cosmetic contact lenses are a good choice for all natural eye color types.

Icy blue eye contacts are not meant for vision correction or for people with astigmatism. You will find and buy them in costume stores because they are 0.00 plano lenses. If you require vision correction with these contacts, you might have to look for ice blue prescription contacts from your eye doctor. We’ll discuss more on non prescription lenses below. Let’s look at how they look on brown eyes and dark eyes.

Ice Blue Contacts for Dark Eyes and Brown Eyes

Actually, opaque lenses are meant for all eye color types. They will look good on brown eyes. Opaque ice blue contacts for brown eyes are available and will completely cover your brown eye color. The only challenge with these is that they have to be of the right size to your pupil to avoid injuries when wearing.

If you have seen ice blue contacts for dark eyes, you will remember that it is not easy to tell the actual natural eye color of the wearer. You can use Light Blue Elegance contacts or Freshlook ice blue color contact lenses to achieve a vivid look.

Ice Blue Contacts for Hazel Eyes, Grey Eyes and Green Eyes

Other than black eyes, you can also use ice blue colored lenses on hazel eyes. Hazel eye color is more of brown with gold specks, or green specks. You can wear any kind of blue contact lenses on hazel eyes or even green eyes so long as they are opaques.

If you have blue eyes, you can only wear these contact lenses as enhancement tints. The rest of the people with different eye colors, you can wear icy blue color lenses as color tints. They would all look good on green eyes and also on grey eyes.

Ice Blue Contacts for Halloween

For Halloween and partying purposes, underworld ice blue lenses can be a great choice. There are a huge variety of Halloween sky blue contacts that you can choose from. Some of them are stormy, others cold, some with a mix of black and white. You can also find some ice blue Halloween lenses with a cat eye design too.

Alternative contact lenses for Halloween include the following:

  • Purple and violet lenses
  • Hot pink lenses
  • Red lenses
  • Vampire red contacts
  • Twilight Volturi blue contacts
  • Zombie blue lenses
  • Rainbow pupil contact lenses
  • Yellow eye contacts
  • Orange eye lenses

Cheap Non Prescription Ice Blue Contacts

The FDA recommends buying prescription ice blue colored contacts rather than non-prescription ice blue contacts. This is to ensure safety since none of the colored contact lenses are one size fits all. You will need a doctor’s prescription in order to buy safe lenses.

You can buy cheap icy blue lenses online, or at local drug stores. Many people wonder where to buy ice blue color contact lenses, purple lenses or any other crazy colors. Walgreens, Walmart and CVS sell them but you will need to have a prescription first.

However, you can also buy cheap ice blue lenses online from stores such as Eyecandys, Venus, FourEyes, YouKnowIt in UK and many more. Amazon and eBay also stock non-prescription icy blue color contacts. The price/cost of icy-blue contact lenses from many stores starts from $12 and goes as high as $36 depending on the store and durability. There are those for 90 days, 30 days, disposables and also those that will last over one year